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Since 1989, Conway Exports Private Limited is at the vanguard of presenting excellence as a dominant manufacturer, exporter, importer and supplier firm developing world class Animal Repellers and Chaser.

The pest control products we offer are the safest and most effective available in all over India today. They are fast, effective and safe. Our pest control repeller will repel most crawling and flying insects quickly and effectively.

Popular choice includes the bird repeller, monkey Repeller and pest repeller. We also stock a range of effective repellents like mosquito key chain repeller, animal repellent device, and ultra sonic dog chaser.

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Being a client conscious company.

Ultrasonic monkey and bird repeller are electronic gadgets that deliver high pitch outflows known as ultrasound. Monkey and bird repeller terrifying frameworks have been brought into the vermin control commercial center because of the way that ultrasound is too piercing for human hearing, however, falls inside the listening to the scope of most types of winged creatures. Most sonic winged animal repeller gadgets deliver a sound that is capable of being heard to the human ear and subsequently may bring about human aggravation if utilized as a part of a region of human residence.

Monkey and bird repeller can be utilized as a part of a wide assortment of areas without bringing on human impedance settling on them a perfect decision for regions where clamor related frightening is impossible. The exemption to this govern might be the place ladies and youthful youngsters are concerned. With age, the human ear loses the capacity to hear ultrasound however in a few ladies and especially in the youthful, ultrasound falls inside listening to ranges and can bring about significant distress and cerebral pains. This may have the impact of confining the utilization of ultrasonic monkey and bird repeller when utilized for animal control and gull control in urban territories and on modern locales.