We are one of the biggest suppliers of ultrasonic dog chaser, as it is one of the most popular products among the buyers because of its reliability and affordability. You don’t need to be in fear while walking or jogging in a street in the morning. Ultrasonic dog chaser is very affordable that everyone can own it.

Ultrasonic Dog Chaser (P.R. 977)

This will reasonable for use by Joggers, Bicyclists, Elderly Persons, Postman, any individual who reluctant to Dog.

New ULTRASONIC DOG CHASER is the most compassionate and safe approach to stop the threatening mutts. It can idea as canine preparing gadget by squeezing the power catch and directing with verbal or hand charges.

The ULTRASONIC DOG CHASER emanates recurrence go from 20,000 Hz to 25,000 Hz interims, which is not really capable of being heard by people yet can be heard by pooches or felines. ULTRASONIC DOG CHASER may innocuously hinder the approach of a puppy or feline while appropriately utilized. As the gadget ventures ultrasonic waves, when continually actuated, you simply press the power catch consistently and specifically point the ultrasonic transducer towards the drawing nearer hostile puppy.

The ultrasonic waves radiated from ULTRASONIC DOG CHASER will distress the pooches and make them escape. The ULTRASONIC DOG CHASER will help client to set up safe zone between he or she and the unpleasant canines. An inherent red L.E.D pointer will light when the power catch is discouraged. At the point when the L.E.D. does not light or shows desolate, the time has come to supplant battery.


Puppy CHASER is simple introduced to ensure: Family, Restaurant, and Stores Etc. to pursue out the undesirable puppies or Cats Humanely.

Working Instructions

To evacuate the top of battery box, utilize screwdriver to unscrew hostile to clockwise. Embed a 9 V soluble battery as demonstrated on the battery box.

To guarantee battery establishment is right, press the power catch to check whether the red L.E.D. is lit up.

Supplant the battery box top and spoil it appropriately. Your ULTRASONIC DOG CHASER is prepared for utilize. An implicit belt cut permits client to convey ULTRASONIC DOG CHASER effectively. To supplant battery basically rehash step 1 and take out the old battery. Embed new 9V battery by taking after the means 2-4.


  • Measurements - 94 x 60 x 27 mm
  • Weight - 9V (1 x 9V Battery) Alkaline Battery Only
  • Recurrence run - 20,000 Hz to 25,000 Hz
  • Sound weight - 135 db


  • Try not to indicate the gadget people specifically.
  • Try not to test the gadget all alone pets or a well known creature to keep them from perplexity because of steadfastness impulses.
  • Try not to give the unit a chance to interact with water.
  • Try not to adjust or temper with the unit inner parts.
  • Covering or painting over the front speaker can harm the gadget and cause it breakdown or work shamefully.
  • The gadget may not be viable on all canines. Age, demeanor, disease and preparing may influence a creature's conduct. It may not influence on a hard of hearing creature.

This ULTRASONIC DOG CHASER would help you to make a protected zone amongst you and the antagonistic mutts, yet dependably avoid potential risk while standing up to a canine notwithstanding utilizing this device. Our Products are the one and only which give World Proven Technology utilizing Electromagnetic obstruction and Ultrasound with Sweep Sound Technology.