We are one of the best pest repeller companies providing the best quality pest repeller. Pest repeller helps in farming and plantation, as it protects from the insects. We are giving a good option for saving your farm with less maintenance.

Elements and Specification

  • Protected and powerful
  • Ultrasonic sound wave to repulse bothers.
  • Appropriate for front room, room and workplaces
  • Twin speakers all the more capable.
  • Control supply:105-120V/60HZ, 220-240V/50H2
  • Control utilization : 2 watts
  • Alterable Frequency running from 20KhZ to 60 KhZ controlled by programming
  • Yield sound weight : 160db
  • Viable range : 1,000 sq. ft (unhindered)
  • This is best in controlling rates, mice, flies, creepy crawlies, crickets, silverfish, water bugs, moths, ant’s bugs, insects and most different bugs.

How to Install?

You will start to see the impacts of PEST REPELLER in a couple days. There will be a nonappearance of rat acridity. Maybe you will notice and increment in creepy crawly action amid this time because of the ultrasonic sound waves driving these bugs from covering up. In a brief time they'll be gone moreover. While the bugs headed out, they might without a doubt leave their eggs and hatchlings behind which are not influenced by the ultrasonic sound waves. Brooding will proceed and they'll bring forth of course.

Now, be that as it may, PEST REPELLER ultrasonic yield will start to assault these hatchings sound-related and sensory systems, pushing this new era away. In 4 to 6 weeks the invasion ought to be over and you'll be free of nuisances.

Leave PEST REPELLER connected to for year round, day and night bother control to get best results. Not any more hazardous chemicals to purchase, not any more untidy traps to be cleaned.

The items are affirmed by United States Environmental Protection Agency furthermore have CE Certification for the item classification with overall licenses. The PEST REPELLER offered to you takes a shot at a recurrence scope of 20 Khz to 60 Khz which is in a perfect world suited for repulsing Pest and different irritations, for example, rodents and other little creatures and so forth.