We have manufactured mosquito repeller to fight against the different mosquitoes, this electronic mosquito repeller product take out special type of sound which is irritating for the mosquito but doesn’t affect humans. Quality of the products is amazing you couldn’t find any problem while using mosquito repeller, it’s easy and safe.


  • Easy to use
  • Minimal outline
  • Profoundly powerful in repulsing mosquito

Different Details:

  • Turn the change to the "ON" position. You will hear a sound which demonstrates the unit is in operation.
  • Turn the change to the "OFF" position after utilize. The Sound will stop instantly.
  • You can cut the unit to your belt or pocket by its prepared clasp holder or key chain.


  • You can hang the Conway Mosquito Repeller close to an entryway or window to keep mosquitoes from coming into the room.
  • The battery life can be up to 500 hours of ceaseless utilize. Battery can be effectively supplanted by utilizing a screwdriver.
  • The powerful range is around 1M - 3M.
  • The sonic sound transmitted from the unit is safe to people and pets, be that as it may, if a man who is delicate to the sound, may stop utilizing the unit.
  • Technical Specifications

    Code No. P.R. 915
    Frequency Approximate 6,000 Hz.
    Power 1.5V ( 2xAA Battery )
    Dimension 107m/m (dia.) x 31m/m
    Effective range 20 Square meters (unobstructed area coverage)
    Weight 105 grams