monkey repeller

Monkey repeller is made to keep control on the monkey menace. The products has being designed in an innovative way that has made it the most economical, efficient, effective and humane product to tackle the simians. Installing monkey repeller is too easy, you can install it and its easy techniques keep away monkey from your premises.

Product Code: JWP-315-M

  • Radiation disposes of Monkeys and numerous different irritations.
  • Monkey controlling framework with multi-recurrence adjusted sounds.
  • Doesn't execute Monkey - it drives them out!
  • No harmful chemicals or chaotic traps, SAFE and CLEAN

USEPA EST. NO. 075162-TWN-001 Features

  • Monkey Repellers gadgets naturally change the recurrence 1-60 times each second, guaranteeing complete scope of all the correspondence frequencies of monkeys and numerous different irritations, and make them not get used to the waves.
  • It dispenses with vermin by utilizing electronic strategy, which is more clean and practical than whatever other technique utilized.
  • Monkey Repellers wonderful units won't meddle with any electronic robber alerts, fire or smoke locators, radio, TV gathering or other electronic types of gear.
  • It emanates the regulated frequencies, which clear naturally from 10 KHz to 65 KHz that repels monkeys and different bugs.
  • Technical Specifications

    Model No. JWP-315-M
    Multiplex Frequency 10-65 KHz
    Sound Pressure 115 dB
    Rated Output 4 watts
    Effective Area 6,000 sq.ft
    Dimension 22x17.7x8.6cm
  • Ultrasonic Frequency Response

    2 14 KHz
    3 18 KHz
    4 20 KHz
    5 25 KHz
    5-9 25-50 KHz OTHER PESTS
    10 65 KHz


  1. Connect to an electrical source.
  2. Set the "Breadth SPEED" dial at 1-10. A red Light demonstrates the power is on.
  3. Set the "CONTROL" handle to "MONKEY" run, this sound adequately repulses monkeys and other creatures.
  4. Every week changes the "Scope SPEED" from 1-10, the bugs can't get used to the sounds.


  1. It ought to be put no less than four feet over the ground or floor for best results.
  2. Try not to place it close to your ears before performing the check.
  3. Arrange additional units if your plant or foundation is said a final farewell to thick divider parcels which can hinder transmission of ultrasonic sound. Arrange additional units if your plant has an open dock section or leave way where Monkeys can access premises.


The Monkey Repeller, JWP-315-M can be utilized for : cultivate houses, eateries, grocery stores, schools, healing facilities, storage facilities, distribution center, nourishment and refreshment businesses, bolster delivering plants, poultry ranches, open organizations, Govt. structures, creature centers, agrarian storage facilities, flour plants, malt manufacturing plants, sugar industries, etc.

Sound Coverage Diagrams

monkey repeller