bird repeller

Bird repeller devices are meant to keep control on birds. Bird repellers are simple to install as it repel pest birds and highly effective but doesn’t harm humans as its silent to human’s ultrasounds waves. Ultrasonic waves are extremely distorted and irritate to bird but safe for humans and eco-friendly to the environment. We provide the bird repeller to help you to guard your land with birds. You can buy the bird repeller from us we provide the products in bulk.

Super Pest Repeller

  • Ultrasonic radiation disposes of Birds, Pigeons, Rodents and numerous different nuisances.
  • Ultrasonic nuisance controlling framework with multi-recurrence balanced sounds.
  • Doesn't murder Pest - it drives them out
  • No dangerous chemicals or untidy traps, SAFE and CLEAN.


  1. This gadget naturally changes the recurrence 1-60 times each second, guaranteeing complete scope of all the correspondence frequencies of Birds, Pigeons, Rodents and numerous different irritations, and make them not get used to the ultrasonic waves.
  2. It wipes out vermin by utilizing electronic technique, which is more sterile and prudent than synthetic toxin strategy.
  3. These striking units won't meddle with any electronic thief alerts, fire or smoke indicators, radio, TV gathering or other electronic supplies
  4. It radiated the balanced frequencies, which clear consequently from 20 KHz to 65KHz that shocks winged creatures.
  • Technical Specifications

    Model No. JWP-315
    Multiplex Frequency 10-65 KHz
    Sound Pressure 115 dB
    Rated Output 4 watts
    Effective Area 6,000 sq.ft
    Dimension 22x17.7x8.6cm
  • Ultrasonic Frequency Response

    bird repeller


  1. Connect to an electrical source.
  2. Set the "Scope SPEED" dial at 1-10. A red Light demonstrates the power is on.
  3. Confirm the recurrence "CONTROL" handle to "RODENTS/INSECTS" goes, the clearing frequencies are created to take out these fowls.
  4. Set the "CONTROL" handle to "Flying creature" go, this sound adequately Repels winged animals, deer, coyotes, raccoons and other substantial wild creatures.


  1. It ought to be set no less than a foot or two over the ground or floor for best results.
  2. Try not to place it on covered surfaces, behind furniture, draperies or other delicate articles, as they will assimilate the sound waves. Scope can incredibly enhance on the off chance that it is pointed towards sound reflecting items (metal, glass, solid, marble, and so forth.)
  3. Try not to place it close to your ears before playing out this check.
  4. Arrange additional units if your plant or foundation is said a final farewell to thick divider parcels which can repress transmission of ultrasonic sound. Arrange additional units if your plant has an open dock section or leave way where irritations can access premises.


The Bird Repeller, JWP-315 can be utilized for homes, shops, kitchens, dining rooms, eateries, general stores, schools, healing facilities, storehouses, stockroom, PC rooms, butcheries, pastry kitchens, sustenance and refreshment ventures, nourish creating plants, poultry ranches, open establishments, creature studios, horticultural storage facilities, flour factories, malt manufacturing plants, sugar enterprises, craftsmanship displays, rubbed businesses, ships, dock, ...and so forth.

Sound Coverage Diagrams