We provide many animal repellent devices which are manufactured and exported by us. All animal repellent are manufactured while seeing the safety of the humans and the environment. We provide the animal repellent devices to the client in bulk. The animal repellent devices and solutions keep pests away from lands without harming any animal or environment.

Utilization Area

  1. All sorts of horticulture homesteads and estate to repel Birds, Monkeys and Wild creatures.
  2. Also material in Vineyards, Fish Lakes and Airports and so forth.
  3. Doesn't execute Monkey - it drives them out! !
  4. 4,000 m2 (44,000 sq.ft.) assurance territory.

Specialized Characteristics

  1. Operates with little or huge LPG barrels/Battery also.
  2. 119 dB commotion level/Night and Day unequaled photocell.
  3. Digital time customizable in the middle of 2 and 20 minutes.
  4. Random and rehash shots.
  5. Operates at blustery and wetty climates.
  6. Portable fixed sort battery and battery charger
  7. Life of battery as indicated by your utilizing need and modifies life time of battery charger yet normal existence of battery is around two weeks.

General Maintenance

No periodical support of your gadget separated from energize of the battery.

  1. Do not hang the gadget on the tree. Put it on level surface. On the off chance that the climate is blustery, the gadget ought to be coordinated so that the twist streams behind the gadget.
  2. Do not cover anything on the gadget. It works under awful climate conditions.

Utilization and Technical Specification

  1. Adjust fine-conforming valve
  2. Connect fine conforming valve to LPG chamber/Battery.
  3. Place the gadget on a level surface.
  4. Set fine-conforming valve position to 0
  5. If security key is at shut position, swing it to vacant position. To start the gadget, open fine modifying valve step by step and set its position to 2 exactly when the roar raises the system and sit tight for 2-3 minutes to see the principal shot. You can set fine modifying valve to any position once the gadget began.
  6. Leave the gadget in the field to keep running until LPG chamber gets vacant.
  7. If you need to stop before LPG gets vacant, simply turn of altering valve, kill the wellbeing key and expel the association with LPG.

The PEST REPELLERM is a characteristic gadget utilizing new electronic innovation coming about because of research into the life cycle of family unit bothers. Logical research has discovered ultrasonic sound waves assault the sound-related and sensory systems of most normal bugs creating them agony and inconvenience. The high solid weight will pursue mice, cockroaches, insects, ants and other regular family bothers far from their safe house.

Bother REPELLERM won't meddle with home electronic apparatus and is not destructive to people and pets in light of the fact that the sound waves are out of the scope of hearing.

  • Technical Specifications

    Protection Area 4,000 m2 (44,000 sq.ft.)
    Sound Level 119 db
    Consumption 10000 shots witd 5 kg LPG cylinder
    Time adjustment Between 2 & 20 minutes and random shots
    Size 18x68x45.5 cm (W x L x H)
    Weight 9 Kg
    Operating Temp. Between 8c and 40 Degree
    Battery 12V 7AH
    Charger Input : 230V-50Hz Output: 6.0/12.0 VDC (Use12V)
    Electronic Igniter 1 Outlet 1.5 V DC
    Solenoid Valve 12 VDC
    Hose Strength 10 Bar
    Pressure Regulator Pressure : 50Mbar OR 5 Kpa
    Flow Rate: 2 Kg/h flow rate

Also Available or Pest Repeller Rechargeable Battery.