How to Get Rid From The Bird Menace

Date : 5 July 2016

Considerable amount of time, money, efforts are spent by civic bodies, public utilities and private building, institutes and corporate in fighting the bird menace on their premises and surrounding area. While from the environmental point of view, birds are welcome in general, some birds, especially, feral pigeons also referred to as "flying rats" bring trouble when they take up residence in or on structures used by humans. This is largely because this type of germs and viruses that of rats.

Pigeons are also responsible for the spread of several parasites and pathogens harmful to people. There is also the health risk of bacteria, fungi and parasites that live and grow in their droppings, among them are disease such as Salmonella, Histoplasmosis, encephalitis, toxoplasmosis, cryptococcosis and Psittacosis. Pigeon dropping not only gives off smell but can cause diseases related to respiratory system and skin.

How to Get Rid From The Bird Menace

The uric acid in pigeon faces in highly corrosive and can cause extensive damage to metals. Problems include slip and fail liability from faces or debris, plus an unclean, dirty company image. Pigeon faces are unsightly, corrosive and responsible for millions of rupees in structural damage every year.

Conway pest repeller is an Inert Non-Toxic Eco-friendly Bird Repellant company to prevent bird from roofing and perching on any surface where Bird-repeller is applied. It is a non-corrosive gel which is not affected by dirt, dust and any other contamination. It withstands all types of weathers such as rain, snow, wings, sandstorms etc.